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    What is the correct statistical test for my data

    Hi, So I was wondering which test to use for my data I have data on trail length which is my dependant variable and I want to see if there is any significant difference between orientation (East, West, North and South). I have 4 plots that I want to test against one another to see if there is...
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    Boxplots extreme outliers generated by SPSS

    Hi, I was wondering how do I analyse if outliers are effecting my dataset? then a follow up question would be would I delete them if they are valid data and not just a fluke in the dataset?
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    What is the correct statistical test for percentages?

    Hi, So I was wondering what is a correct stats test for percentages. So in my data set I have data such as vegetation that will equal up to 100% e.g. bush grass etc but I don't know how to do analysis my data as its the first time I ever done it with percentage. Any help would be greatly...
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    Clarification in statistical test

    Hi. I would like to know if Mann-whitney U test is appropriate. My data is non normal. I want to compare 3 catorgories ( human-trail, fences and control) with the dependant variable being animal trail lengths. Is this an appropriate test to use or is there a better suited statistical test?