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    Interpretation of interaction terms in a multiple linear regression

    I try to improve my statistical knowledge and right now I am working on a regression that contains interaction terms. I am currently investigating the effects of different variables (a1, a2 etc.) on the quantity of chairs sold in a transaction (dependent variable). To see if effects are...
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    Help to formally write down a linear regression

    Hello altogether, i am currently analysing a dataset of 10,000 transactions. I am analysing the effect of different advertising campaings on the quantity of chairs by using multiple linear regression model with zip code and day dummies. I am interested in formally writing the regression model...
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    Chi - Square Test for test of independence of variables in different treatment groups

    Hello together, I have a question concerning my bachelor thesis. It is the first time I am actually doing statistical analysis on my own and so recommendations are very welcome. I work with a huge dataset of N=30000 with 10 randomized treatments group (variable „Treatment“ going from 0 to 9) and...