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    Combining measures into 1 variable

    I have 2 variables, one that measures (just for an examples) state aggression, and 1 that measures trait aggression. The state measure was responded to on a 6 point likert scale. The trait one was measured on a 5 point likert scale. Someone suggested that I combine these into one variable to use...
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    Welch ANOVA and covariates

    I had planned, because of lack of homogeneity of variance for some of my variables (homoscedasticity) to run a Welch's ANOVA and to use bootstrapping. I also have a number of covariates proposed for the (original) analysis. The Welch's ANOVA is only available for one-way ANOVA's on SPSS (no...
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    Mediation, Bootstrapping and Sample Size

    I'm new to statistics overall, and even newer to mediation but I'm attempting to analyze data using Process for SPSS. Before anything else, do I need a specific minimum sample size and how do I determine this? Does bootstrapping take care of this, and then, how many bootstrapping samples do I...