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    two way anova or two way repeated measurments ANOVA

    Hello I had a pool of data and I used this data to test 4 models at 4 different starting points. (the data or longitudinal) --> so this would explain why i'm interested in a two-way ... (models and startingpoints) The point however is as follow: not all data made it to every group and...
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    paired t-test or repeated measurments ANOVA

    Hello Given a group where you run 2 models to obtain a parameter, and the goal is to compare both parameters. But not all individuals tested in one group are tested in another, so there is some variance. If using a paired t-test you execute an F-test to see if the variance is acceptable...
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    testing different models using the same group of longitudinal data

    Description of my research Longitudinal growth data are fitted using parametric models giving growthcurves. Differentiating these growthcurves gives velocity curves. From every curve biological parameters can be determinated. Every parameteric model has function parameters. The same...