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    Effect size for multiple regression?

    Hi would anyone be able to explain to me what measure should be used to estimate an effect size in multiple regression? I want to do a power calculation based on effect sizes from my pilot (multiple regression), but not sure what statistic to use? Thanks
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    Help with choosing the right test

    Hi everyone I'm looking for some advice on finding the most appropriate way to analyse my data. I would like to test the difference in the number of mistakes students make on two tests. Let's say that the students take biology and geography tests, and we count the number of mistakes made on...
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    HELP: Linear mixed models

    In my analysis I am trying to predict how ratings of cuteness of dogs (5 dogs) predict the levels of depression for each subject. Depression ~ Cuteness ratings Now for each subject, there are 5 ratings (Cuteness), but only one depression score. Can I run this analysis with the single depression...
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    Help with linear mixed models

    I'm new to mixed modelling/borderline understanding what to do with it. I wanted to ask for help with understanding what kind of analysis I should do with my data. In short the design is this: 50 participants take part in the study Each participant rates 20 faces on how angry they think the...