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    non parametric multiple pairwise comparisons - which correction is allowed?

    Hello all, I have a data set from plant experiments with only 4 replicates. data are numbers of mites after different treatments. Because the datasets are small they are not normally distributed, so I use non parametric tests: Wilcoxon. First I did a pairwise comparison, without corrections...
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    choosing the right statistical test for comparing data, when do you use which test

    Hello all, I would like some feedback on the right approach of analysing data, comparing means of groups of data. Currently I work with the following 5 steps to analyse my data. Is this approach correct or how do you analyse your data if you do it differently? 1) I test for normality...
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    melt function chooses wrong id variable with large datasets in R

    Hello all, I'm using a large dataset consisting of 2 groups of data, 2 columns in excel with a header (group name) and 15 000 rows of data. I would like like to compare this data, so I transform my dataset with the melt function to get 1 column of data and 1 column of ID variables, then I can...