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    How to calculate the precision of the mean of univariate time series data, based on the precision of the discrete measurements it consists of

    I haven't had much luck getting an answer to the question I asked a week ago, so here's a simpler question that I hope somebody will be able to answer: If I have measurements of some variable collected at a regular frequency for some period of time, how can I calculate the precision of the mean...
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    Relationship of precision of mean of repeated measurements and precision of single measurement

    The random error of the mean of repeated measurements of the same physical quantity decreases in proportion to the number of measurements. My question is, if I know the standard deviation or 95% CI for a single measurement with a given instrument (in other words, the precision of the instrument...
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    Aggregate precision of a measurement instrument based on a sample of measurements whose true errors are known

    I want to estimate the accuracy and precision of aggregate data from an instrument that measures a variable that fluctuates over time by comparing a sample of its measurements to concurrent measurements made by a reference instrument. For this purpose, assume that the reference instrument...