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    Bad fitting models - what to do next?

    In my study I was doing studying attitudes and their influence on eachother using existing 7-point likert scales. To goal was to models these attitudes. I had almost 300 participants, 9 latent variables and about 30 items. I've first done a CFA, which couldn't achieve acceptable fit. I used the...
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    Non-positive definite matrix and second order confirmatory factor analysis

    For my research I'm using SEM to model the relation between a couple of variables. All scales have been used in a 7 point likert format and most have been validated before in other research. In my dataset however, I have my doubts whether some these scales are truly measuring different concepts...
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    SEM: combining binary & ordinal variables

    In my research I surveyed participants after they had used a website. I have 28 items which related 8 different concepts. Which means I have 8 latent variables with 3-6 observed variables each. All items are measured with 7-point likert scales. Additionally I have a binary variable of whether...