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    Interpreting the COX Model

    Thank you, though This is not a Competing Senario
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    A non-parametric test for comparing variables belonging to the same group

    Hi Mostafa, Kindly gid around these two Non-parametric tests; Since your data is Ordinal, then consider Kruskal-Wallis test OR Spearman's Rank Correlation.
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    Not sure about the type of statistics for my research

    You can also Consider Fisher's Exact Test (though Chi test is the best)
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    Hello Everyone on this Forum
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    Help with finding correct analysis method

    I suggest you look at Longitudinal Data analysis. Then, also there is no problem combining Continuous time variables and those that are not continuous (discrete or categorical), unless otherwise.
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    Interpreting the COX Model

    Am new to Survival Analysis, and am doing this for my Dissertation; The main purpose is to check the survival time to recovery from Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM). My time event variable is; (1=Recovered from SAM and 0=Event did not Happen). Some of those that were censored included...