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    SAS Coding to find averages for every 60 observations

    Hi. I am working on an analysis for research on premature baby health. I ran into a SAS coding issue which I hope some of you can help me with. This is a repeated measures design. My outcome variable is SpO2. There are 20 subjects. Each subject has over 30,000 repeated measures (2 second...
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    Repeated Measures - Maximum number of variables

    I know that the general rule of thumb is that you need 10 observations or 10 cases per variable in your model. How about in a repeated measures model? Do you count the clustered data as one observation or would you count each measurement as an observation in determining the maximum number of...
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    TTEST vs Logistic Regression

    I have seen some posts here with the same title but I believe my problem is different: I am unsure whether to conduct a 2 sample ttest or a logistic regression because I am unsure of which variable should be my outcome and which should be my predictor variable. The problem: There are 5...