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    Prop.test function

    Hello Is it true to use prop.test function in R in order to compare two proportions? I have two groups of 62 and 107 in which there are 1 and 8 fails respectively.
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    One-tailed OR two-tailed

    Hello Is it common to use one-tailed hypothesis in a research? Or two-tailed is recommended?? Thanks in advance.
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    Appropriate median test

    What is the appropriate non-parameteic test for comparing the medians of two groups independent from each other?
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    The same answers for different alternatives

    Hello I compared the means of two independent groups by non-parametric test of Mann-Whitney in R. The same answers were concluded! The P-value is 0.3, 0.63, and 0.68 for less, greater, and two-sided alternatives respectively. What is the reason? Thanks for helping me in advance.