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    Confidence intervals: When would you ever construct an interval for a sample proportion if the population proportion is known?

    Hi everyone, Looking at the attached text notes outlining confidence intervals, and how to construct confidence intervals for: A sample mean (when the population standard deviation is known) A sample mean (when the population standard deviation is unknown) A sample proportion (when the...
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    Standard deviation of sampling distribution when n=1

    Hi everyone, I'm reading this when it comes to the theory around the sampling distribution: "The standard deviation of the sample means (known as the standard error of the mean) will be smaller than the population standard deviation and will be equal to the standard deviation of the population...
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    Confidence Intervals for Proportions -- Two ways to estimate population value?

    Hi everyone, I'm wondering if anyone could help shed some light on why there appear to be two different ways that different textbooks show to calculate confidence intervals for proportions. Within the formula I know, there is P, which is the population parameter/value we are trying to...