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    Cherry picking?

    Well, do they give any reason at all to conjugate group A and B? If this is arbitrary, then the result seems arbitrary too. Maybe A and B have enough similarities that they could be turned into one single group, but that highly depends on the context.
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    How to find the trend in binary time-series?

    Yes, I have a total of 18 years with aprox. 240 patients. Each patient have a status of a specific binary outcome at the time it arrives in the hospital. I'm trying to analyze if this positive outcome (1) has an increase over time compared to the negative outcome (0). For example presense or...
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    How to find the trend in binary time-series?

    Hello everyone! I have an event that can happen with each of my patients (Y or N), collected over many years. Theses patients are independent of each other. I want to detect the trend taking into account the binary nature of my variable but also the number of cases per year. For example, I...