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    ANOVA normality test

    Hello, I was wondering, how many assumptions of normal distribution must be violated to conduct a non-parametric test? In my opinion, in my dataset, only one assumption has been violated which is p<0.05. I think the first Q-Q plot looks ok but I am not sure. Also, I don't understand what the...
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    Exporting the dataset from Qualtrics to SPSS

    Hello everyone (: My study includes 4 vignettes so, every participant was presented with one scenario out of 4. However, when I exported the dataset to SPSS, I found out that there is no column dedicated to the vignettes. So, I don't know which participant was presented with which vignette, and...
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    How do I organise vignette study in SPSS?

    Hello, I am a 3rd-year forensic psychology student. My dissertation project includes 4 vignettes that differentiate between each other by two variables (intoxicated vs sober & provocatively vs neutrally dressed). Under each vignette, I pasted the same set of questions including the Illinois...