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    Using the Anderson-Darling test for normality instead of the Shapiro-Wilk

    I have to test the normality of my data in R but I'm not sure if the Anderson-Darling test does the same as the Shapiro-Wilk one (the number of observations is too high, more than 50000, so the Shapiro-Wilk test cannot be used). I've read about this test, which constitutes a variant of the...
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    Non-normal data, non-parametric tests for normality, and determination of statistical parameters

    Hi, I have a database with more than 50000 observations. I have applied non-parametric tests to determine the normality of the data but in any case p<0.05, rejecting the null hypothesis of normality (in many cases, graphically, the histograms appear to follow a bimodal distribution). However...