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  1. SegitSeg

    Degrees of freedom in correlational test

    thank you, yes we had all the data your reply does make sense to me I think. but just to confirm, so df in general connected to the sample mean distribution and because we had the sample that was also the population, we didn't have to take into account this stander error of the mean, am I...
  2. SegitSeg

    Degrees of freedom in correlational test

    Hello, I am a novice in statistics, so please forgive me if my question is too basic... At the uni we did a research in our group and used a correlational test to investigate the relationships... however our degrees of freedom equaled to the sample size (df = n) and when the tutor was asked why...
  3. SegitSeg


    so glad I found this forum :) I am given hope that there's light :) and I don't have to suffer in silence anymore :D thank your for existing =)