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  1. Jennifer Murphy

    How to assign a Z Score for missing values

    This forum has been very helpful to me and my "peripheral" understanding of statistics. For that, I thank you all. As a result of suggestions I received here, I have made good progress in my weighted rating project. The suggestion to use z scores was a game changer. I now have a way to...
  2. Jennifer Murphy

    How to compare similar ratings?

    Most of the products on Amazon have a 5-star rating (1.0 - 5.0). Few products have ratings below 4.0 and almost none below 3.0. The majority are clustered around 4.2 to 4.7 or so. The ratings include the number of reviews from which those ratings were calculated. Those numbers can vary from just...
  3. Jennifer Murphy

    Normalized Score v Z Score

    I would like to come up with an algorithm that will allow me to compare different products based on ratings from different sources using different scales. This Excel table compares 5 products (A-E) with 3 ratings (Rtg1 - Rtg 3). The actual ratings are in columns H, K, & N. The maximum and...
  4. Jennifer Murphy

    Ranked Choice Voting

    I hear on the news that several states are using "ranked choice voting". As I understand it, instead of voting for one single candidate, voters assign ranks to multiple candidates. They give their top choice a "1", their second choice a "2", and so on. If a candidate gets >50% of the "1" votes...
  5. Jennifer Murphy

    How to calculate the maximum value of a normal distribution given the std dev?

    Is there a formula for the maximum value of a normal distribution given the std dev? I generated several normal distributions in Excel with various means and std deviations. The means did not seem to have any affect on the maximums. Herte are a few maximums based on the std devs: StdDev...
  6. Jennifer Murphy

    Is there a good tool for finding the best curve to fit my data?

    Excel has tools to fit several curves to data linear, polynomial, exponential, logarithmic, etc., but not more complicated curves like Gaussian, beta, etc. Is there a software package that can do a much more comprehensive curve fitting analysis? I think the data I am currently interested in is...
  7. Jennifer Murphy

    Help understanding Excel's PercentRank.Inc vs .Exc

    In the olden days, Excel had just one PercentRank function. It now has 2: PercentRank.Inc (replaces PercentRank) and PercentRank.Exc. I understand how they work. I do not understand why they work the way they do and why I would use one vs the other. This MVP says that the old function and the...
  8. Jennifer Murphy

    How to compare ratings from different sites?

    Is there a formula that I can use to compare ratings from different sites? Let's say I am looking for someone to remodel a bathroom. If I search for bathroom remodelers, I find ratings from Yelp, Google, Houzz, Home Adviser, Angi, and others. Most of these give an Amazon-style 5-star rating and...
  9. Jennifer Murphy

    Stay logged in not working for me

    Am I doing something wrong? Everytime I log in, I check the "Stay Logged In" box, but when I come back, it tells me I need to log in again.
  10. Jennifer Murphy

    Is there an asymetric Normal distribution with end points?

    Is there a distribution like a Normal distribution, but finite, that has a settable min, max, and mean? For example, a distribution with a mean of 65 and no values below 0 or above 100? If it also has a settable std dev, great. I'd like to be able code it in an Excel function that will return...