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    Sample size calculation to detect mortality benefit of treatment

    Hi folks, I was wondering if you could help me with this. I thought I'd be able to work this out but my stats knowledge is very jaded now. If the mortality rate from an illness is 2% and I want to conduct a trial comparing treatment X with placebo, with a view to finding out whether treatment...
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    Does SAS run on Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 ?

    Does SAS 9.3 and above run on Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 or any other tablet? Many thanks.
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    How much of Science is based on Statistics

    Very random and possibly silly question, but then this is random chat. We'll add silly to it. Does Physics use statistics and probability as heavily as Medicine does? My guess is No. In Medicine, we're limited in that we can't experiment in most situations and therefore end up with...
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    Error-rate before and after (which statistical test)

    Guys I've done advanced analysis a long time ago and my statistical sense is now rusted. I couldn't come up with confident answers on a quick review and would appreciate input. What would be the correct statistical test for comparing prescription-error rate before (1 year before, duration 1...
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    SAS on Mac

    Does anyone have experience with SAS on Mac? Does it work okay?
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    Regression diagnostics with proc glm or proc reg

    I fit my model using 'proc glm' but now it seems that proc reg should be used for the diagnostics. So, do I need to fit the model all over again using proc reg and creating dummy variables (that proc glm avoided) since proc reg is to be used for the diagnostics or can diagnostics be done with...
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    [Excel] - How to assign numerical values to text data on Excel

    Column: Race- has Blacks, White, Hispanics, Asians etc. In the next column I need to give these individual races numerical values, for eg. Black is 1, White is 2 and so on. How to do it? Thanks.