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    Help with interpreting Linear Mixed Models - ignore p-value, just go on B-estimate?

    I have been given advice that I should always interpret the relationships shown in the model of best fit, from having run a linear mixed model, regardless of the p-value. I want to do this anyway, as some of my moderator/predictor variables didn't quite reach significance. But I know my...
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    Are effect sizes required when reporting a Linear Mixed Model? If so, how are they calculated?

    I have undertaken an RCT and, given multiple irregular time-point measures of the DV, have used linear mixed models to analyse the results and include moderator/predictor variables. CONSORT is quite emphatic about the reporting of effect sizes. However, SPSS does not produce these for linear...
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    Meta regression: adding covariates is decreasing amount of heterogeneity explained - how?

    Could someone please explain to me the concept behind why adding additional covariates to explore if they are moderators of the effect is actually making R^2 ( amount of between-study heterogeneity explained, decrease? My ill-advised brain is telling me that even if they are not significant...
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    metareg permute

    Does anyone know why I might be seeing this message: WARNING: some permutations returned missing valuesSee detail below: conformability error r(503); When trying to run follow-up permutations after a multiple meta-regression, using the metareg command ? I would be so grateful for any help or...
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    Meta-Regression of Categorical Variables

    If I want to put categorical variables in with continuous variables in my meta-regression run, do I need to transform them or tell STATA they are categorical somehow, because they are currently numerically coded. E.g. variable = country, 1 = UK, 2 = USA, 3 = China, etc... Many thanks for any help
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    Multiple Meta-Regression in Stata Help

    I'm new to meta-analysis and to Stata. I understand how to use the user interface to insert multiple covariates into a meta-regression. However, I am not sure how to interpret the output and to make sure that the software has controlled for multiplicity and covariate correlation - so that I...