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    recoding value labels within a variable

    Is there a way to change multiple value labels within one variable to the same value label without going through each case one by one? I have successfully combined many values into a new file by selecting cases using the "if" function, but the new file still retains old value labels. SO -...
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    combine values within one variable to create new varible

    I am trying to combine several values within one variable to create a new value category (not a new variable). My data is not coded numerically, but with letter designations. I have been attempting to do this by using the “select cases:if” function, but have been getting the following error...
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    [SYSTAT] - a few small chart editing issues

    Hi - am teaching myself to use SYSTAT (actually MYSTAT) and have two small hang-ups in editing a bar chart. 1) I cannot seem to edit the color of the boxes in the legend to correspond with the color that I have changed the bars in the chart. 2) I have changed the orientation of the Y-axis...