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    Contradiction: '‘Estimation of fixed effects’ vs ‘Type III test fixed effects'?

    Hi there, I’m trying to evaluate if there is an effect of a treatment (3 levels) on coffee plants height over 10 different periods of time. Plants are in 9 different blocs, with Blocs nested in Treatment. I’m using a mixed model (under Systat). In the results ‘Estimation of fixed effects’...
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    Systat 13 / How to redefine error terms?

    Hi there guys, I’m trying to do a repeated measure ANOVA with 2 grouping factors (TRAIT$ and BLOC$, with BLOC$ nested in TRAIT$) and 1 within factor (TIME). As I have a model with fixed and random effects, I would like to redefine some error terms that are miscalculated by Systat in the GLM...
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    Systat13 / Problem with plot of Residuals vs Predicted values - repeated measureANOVA

    Hi there, I’m trying to do 2 analysis from one set of data. - 1st analysis: repeated measure ANOVA with 1 grouping factor (TRAIT$) and 1 within factor (TIME). a/ I used the ANOVA procedure. To check the conditions of normality and variance equality for the ANOVA: can I use ‘only’ the...