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  1. Dason

    A message to Quark

    Hi Quark! @quark We all love you. But to be honest ... you've essentially abandoned us. No judgement or anything but it kind of annoying since you're never around so we can't add new contributors, delete any accounts when users specifically request it, etc... I remember you visiting the...
  2. Dason

    Best software for organizing journal articles?

    In the past I used Mendeley to organize articles. I was just wondering what everybody else is using and if there are any better recommendations? I appreciate any and all feedback.
  3. Dason

    Messaging apps

    I'm highly considering deleting my Facebook profile for good. I don't use Facebook proper anymore but still rely on it for messaging certain people. I'm trying to figure out a decent modern replacement for Facebook messenger. I think Telegram is at the top of my list so far but would love to...
  4. Dason

    Long live SAS

    Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm done with R. I'm going back to SAS which is clearly superior.
  5. Dason

    Guilty Pleasure Movies

    What are you guilty pleasure movies? My two top ones that I always watch but aren't particularly proud of because they're awful but I love them would be... 1) Hackers 2) Live Free or Die Hard (Honestly it's not a terrible movie but I feel like it is just so different from the first three Die...
  6. Dason

    Blog Discussion Thread

    Hey - it's a place to discuss interesting blog articles. Since this is in the R subforum I guess it makes sense to keep it focused on R but if you think we should expand it I would be open to that. First article that I'm sure everybody will hate is titled "Why I don't use the tidyverse"
  7. Dason

    Best Zelda Games

    I've only spent any significant time on 9 Zelda games. This is my ranking list. I've played Minish Cap and the Oracle games but only for less than 30 minutes each so I don't feel like I can actually include them on a rankings list. I'm looking forward to everybody telling me why I'm wrong. 1)...
  8. Dason

    A good reminder

    For those of us with kids...
  9. Dason

    pdf scraping tools

    I've been needing to do some pdf scraping lately. I've just been using the pdftools package in R to accomplish this task. It does a pretty good job reading in the pdf but still requires some moderate post processing to get things formatted as desired. Are there other tools that you know of...
  10. Dason

    Google Home

    Does anybody else have a google home? My wife got me a home mini for Christmas. I've mainly just been using it to get a morning update, play music, and set timers (it's basically my Pomodoro timer). Was wondering if anybody else has one and does anything more interesting with it.
  11. Dason

    New Year resolutions

    Anybody making any resolutions for this upcoming year?
  12. Dason

    Do you use `return`

    When you write functions do you include a `return` statement? It isn't necessary in most cases since R will return the last evaluated expression as what it returns when it reaches the end of the function. I know some people feel passionately that since it isn't necessary that it's misguided...
  13. Dason

    [Interview] SPUNKY IN YOUR FACE

    It's been a while since we've had an interview thread! Spunky graciously accepted the request to do an interview. Spunky has been a member since January of 2011. Spunky was recently on a TS hiatus (very dark times for TS) but has had a glorious return! Typically we give about a week for each...
  14. Dason

    How to use Code tags

    Using Code Tags This thread contains a brief introduction to using code tags and presenting code in general on this forum. I'm biased toward R so that is what I'll be focusing my example on but the same advice holds true for SAS, C, LaTeX, ... as well. Let's say you want to present some...
  15. Dason

    [LaTeX] - What is your favorite LaTeX editor?

    I've been doing some heavy LaTeX editing recently after a period of relative downtime with respect to LaTeX. I also just reinstalled Ubuntu 12.04 so I decided to give a few different editors a try. I thought I'd solicit the fine community here for your opinions on the best latex editor around...
  16. Dason

    [Interview]: Dason - that guy that isn't a bot

    Welcome to the first interview thread! In this thread you have the chance to ask me (Dason) any question about myself that you want! I reserve the right to refuse to answer questions if they are inappropriate but I doubt that will happen. Any other question I will answer truthfully. This...
  17. Dason

    How do tags help?

    This was just going to be a private message to quark but I figured anybody could chip in if they want. There is the option to add 'tags' to threads to help describe what is contained in them. What does this achieve exactly? I know when searching you can add an option to search only for...
  18. Dason

    Today I Learned: ____

    I thought it might be nice to just have a place to post some happy little things you learned or (re)discovered about R that makes your life nicer and you just want to share! Heck it can be just some nice things that you really appreciate or love about R that you just want to share. With that...
  19. Dason

    Logit v. Probit: A fight to the death

    Every now and then I have to work with binary responses with continuous covariates. So of course this screams generalized linear model. The question then arises as to what link function to use. In the past (before I really knew any alternatives) I would just do a logistic regression (logit...
  20. Dason


    Any other Linux users out there? What's your preferred distro? What is your desktop environment / window manager of choice? I got started using Ubuntu with the gnome desktop environment. I've tried quite a few different distros though including: Fedora, Arch, Debian, Puppy Linux, ****...