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  1. Dason

    Is it necssary to go through the assumptions associated with a linear regression, if neighter my model nor any of its indicators show any significance

    Yes you should. You might be thinking "well nothing is significant so it's a lost cause anyways" but as mentioned it's entirely possible that some things aren't significant because the assumptions aren't being met. Maybe one of the variables needs a quadratic term included. Maybe there a...
  2. Dason

    T-procedure, Unknown Equal Variances (Should be a simple task)

    Hm. Not sure. I don't use Matlab but the code looked about right to me. If I get time later I'll check it in R and compare results.
  3. Dason

    T-procedure, Unknown Equal Variances (Should be a simple task)

    Subtract 5 instead of adding it. You basically just have a sign error.
  4. Dason

    Dice Probability - Exploding dice

    I think the idea you're looking for is "expected value".
  5. Dason

    Dice Probability - Exploding dice

    Then I guess you need to better clarify what you're looking for. If it's probability of at least one success then that's just 50%. It seems like you're trying to do something else though.
  6. Dason

    Dice Probability - Exploding dice

    To clarify - if you roll a 1 on the D6 we need to roll the D4 first to see if we have a success or not? If so I wouldn't count rolling a 1 as a success on the D6 roll but the rest of the logic seemed right so the only change would be the probability of success of success on the original D6...
  7. Dason

    Skewed distribution

    Shouldn't what be normally distributed?
  8. Dason

    Multivariate Logistic regression

    How many observations do you have?
  9. Dason

    What is the N after propagation of errors?

    I mean it sounds like at the end of the day you have 100 observations from X and 100 observations from Y. So - you really could just ignore how you got to X and Y since those are the variables of interest here. So you have a t-test with 100 observations from X against 100 observations from Y.
  10. Dason

    Type of test

    Lol k bruh
  11. Dason

    Football Stats

    You say you can manually pull the data so is there a manual calculation you do after that to get your prediction?
  12. Dason

    Type of test

    I see. Unrelated - have you taken your medication today? Or possibly taken too much "medication" that you shouldn't?
  13. Dason

    Type of test

    *twitch* Data is not parametric or non-parametric.
  14. Dason

    Logistic regression error message

    I don't use spss but it seems the issue is that what you really want to do is recode so anything above 0 gives you 'participate' but what you've written only recodes to participate if the value equals 1.
  15. Dason

    Log transformations in Ridge and lasso

    Converting to a standardized version of a variable really makes no difference at all and typically the algorithm will take care of that part for you. But a log transform is a different beast and would need to be done manually. Maybe OP is confusing ridge/lasso with tree/forest based methods...
  16. Dason

    probablity question

    It's Wednesday. You shouldn't be drunk.
  17. Dason

    How to linearly transform variables before t-test if their range is unknown

    Maybe you can tell us what you're researching and what your hypothesis is. It's not clear to me why you want to do what you're describing but I think it might just be lost in translating your question into math.
  18. Dason

    time series problems

    Can you show full sessions with input and the output. No offense but you're notoriously bad at describing what actually occurred. So start a fresh R session and show what worked. Then start a new fresh R session and show the thing that didn't work.
  19. Dason

    explaing basic stats concepts to my cat

    To be fair - you can never study continuous mapping theorems enough
  20. Dason

    explaing basic stats concepts to my cat

    Have you considered that maybe your cat knows more than you and those models are just too simple?