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  1. Dason

    testing the association between points and any of the points belonging to another set of point: am I approaching it correctly?

    I'm not exactly sure how you're using the results from the binomial distribution here. But you're able to calculate observed number of points and expected number of points based on the area percentages. If your question basically is if the observed points have the same distribution into...
  2. Dason

    Drawing balls without replacement

    Perfect. And that will give the same answer as the "correct" answer after reducing.
  3. Dason

    Drawing balls without replacement

    So how would you modify your answer to make it correct?
  4. Dason

    Drawing balls without replacement

    Hint: should you be really be *adding* here
  5. Dason

    Drawing balls without replacement

    Can you explain your logic. Because I think you have one misunderstanding that when corrected would let you use your logic to get the right answer.
  6. Dason

    function trows an error at first, but runs smoothly after being copy/pasted

    Is it not already on github? But really it's hard to diagnose anything without *any* code (especially without the code that is producing the error). So providing some example of what you're running into can only make it easier to diagnose.
  7. Dason

    function trows an error at first, but runs smoothly after being copy/pasted

    Please provide a reproducible example
  8. Dason

    making R computing large factorials

    Yeah you want pbinom.
  9. Dason

    3 x 4 design - which ANOVA?

  10. Dason

    making R computing large factorials

    And q is just 1-p? Why not just use dbinom?
  11. Dason

    Software for Simple Linear Regression

    Fixed that for you
  12. Dason

    What podcasts do you enjoy or listen to?

    I like Bill's stuff in general but I never have been able to get into his podcast.
  13. Dason

    Comparing correlated data

    Technically the model doesn't even have an assumption of no prefect collinearity. It's perfectly possible to fit models like that. The estimates won't be unique but the model itself doesn't make an assumption about that.
  14. Dason

    Comparing correlated data

    It isn't an assumption though. And although it impacts tests for individual coefficients it doesn't change predictions. They aren't saying that there aren't reasons one may care about it but it being an actual assumption in the model is incorrect. I think you missed the point? 'beta' a lot of...
  15. Dason

    Which statistical test to use for binary data?

    I'm still not clear what your question actually is. "What test can I do" isn't really a question. What is a question about your data that you want answered? Is it what threshold should be used? If so it kind of seems like you're just looking for a simple heuristic. Are you looking to test if...
  16. Dason

    Guide Tutorial DEAP 2.1 In Windows 7

    I want to burn the desktop in the video preview thumbnail.
  17. Dason

    Wilsons confidence intervals query

    I'm not really sure what your question is? I mean the stuff you're talking about is how to present the numbers after the fact. You can create the confidence interval and then (as long as you're interpreting it correctly) translate the endpoints into whatever form you want. It's not like there...
  18. Dason

    Linear Probability Model

    Are there other variables or is it a single binary predictor?
  19. Dason


    Don't be a dick. Other than that there really isn't a defined "etiquette" as it's really just dealing with developers directly (most of the time - unless you're reporting stuff for a big package that has a team behind it). If you have a specific question I'd be glad to provide some insight but...