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    3 way ANOVA following it up

    This is quite simple question but im more simple :p I have DV and 3 IVs, each 2 levs. Making up example, lets say they are: DV=performance%, IV1=trial type (seeing, hearing) IV2=item type (target, distractor) IV3=confidence (high, low) Subjected to a 2x2x2 RM ANOVA in SPSS and i see no 3 way...
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    formula for factorial ANOVA interaction effect

    Good day. I have a question regarding the formula for calculating interaction effects. In Andy Field book he gives: SSa×b = SSmodel − SSa − SSb, where a and b are the different factors in our model. What happens when we have 3 or more factors? Is this then: SSa×b×c = SSmodel - SSa - SSb - SSc...
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    Good day

    Hi talkstats memebers! I am Alex. I study Psychology and I want to learn as much as I can about statistics.
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    p values, alpha, and errors

    I was speaking with a classmate about subject heading for this thread and it made me a bit confused. Here are my thoughts: the way I explain p value: probability of observing effect when, in reality, there is no effect. This translates to probability of data given the null (null=there is no...