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    Hi everyone, I am looking for some help with mediation? Ideally for some very simple instructions? My dissertation is due next week and never done stats/logistic regression before... I have attached the results of my spss output. I don't know which data to use and what values. Many thanks!!!
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    How to interpret -2 log likelihood is spss output

    Can I interpret the results saying 107 - 153 percent, if log value are .107 and .153?
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    HELP!! Calculate odds for Exp (B)

    How do I calculate the odds for this???
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    Wald number are huge (733414.883) since applying weights to statistics

    What does that mean? Is there a way around it? Or is it fine to use?
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    SPSS / logistic regression

    I have performed a logistic regression using 5 different variables in a nested approach. Does this mean I have also performed mediation or do I need to that separately? I am very new to logistic regression ... and within a learning process.
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    Is hierarchical logistic regression the same as multilevel logistic regression?

    Also how to use weights in SPSS / PIACC analysis? Sorry, I am new to stats.