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    What is n in bonferoni test

    I want to compare and calculate the prediction accuracy of 4 algorithms, linear regression, support vector regression, bagging and multilayer perception. So each algorithm will be compared with other three. I have to evaluate their performance with 4 different datasets, so in total 3 algorithms...
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    Bonferoni test

    In my example, I have about 50 statistical analysis, so is it feasible to use bonferoni test in this case?. 05/50 will be very very small value and it will be impossible for one type of algorithm to significantly outperform the other. Thanks
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    Vargha and delaney effect size

    I performed vargha effect size on two samples, A and B. The algorithm A has better performance than B, but still when I perform the effects size in R, the value I get is 1.187 (large). What does this value mean? Does it mean, Algorithm B performed better? In the experiment, where these two...
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    Baysian statistical test

    Hi, how can we perform a baysian test which is alternative of Wilcox test.? My data is not normalized so can't do baysian t tests.
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    (Wilcox signed tank test)

    Hi, I want to ask about the theory/concept behind the statistical significance tests to find out the p values. For instance, I got two types of data, one has the mean value of 75 and another 86 and the test shows there is no significant difference. How it is possible? These tests test depends on...