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    Comparing withdrawal rates for a course

    Hello!! Which statical test should I use to compare withdrawal rates for a course for two semesters. I know I can report the means but need to know if the difference is significant. For example: Fall2017 10 out of 33 students withdrew Spring2018 5 out of 66 students withdrew Thank you in...
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    Which test to use to compare means for normal and non normal data

    Hi! I have quantitative test scores I wish to compare. However, one group (n=27) is not normally distributed and the other one (n=21) is normal. Thank you
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    Linear Regression

    1) What should a sample size at least be, in order to run a linear regression test? Would 18 be too small? 2) Also, can I perform a linear regression test on data that is left skewed. 3) I ran a linear regression test on data that was normal and all seemed to go well, testing signf. However...
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    Which test should I use?

    I wish to compare test scores from 3 different learning environments (online, f2f and blended) to see which setting preformed better on the common exam the took. The sample size and distribution is: online n=18 (normal), f2f n=27 (left skewed) and blended n=43 (normal). Which statistical test...