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Thread: Analysis of data with a small population

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    Analysis of data with a small population

    We did some research regarding a very small population. Eight companies were involved. Its a small number, but we believe that sample represents almost the entire population of such companies. Where does that leave us with regard to statistical comparisons among the responses? Way back in undergrad I recall that it was a big "no no" to do multiple comparisons with a small sample, but I believe that was because the error that was introduced in thinking that our sample was truly representative of the actual population. Here, our sample represents our true population.

    So, is there an issue with doing ANOVA on our data? Any help is appreciated.

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    If by 8 companies you mean that you have 8 data points, there is not much you can do. An ANOVA would mean that you have at least 3 groups so 3, 3 and 2 for exemple. With such small samples you can run a Kruskall-Wallis but unless you have a big effect size and small variability it is unlikely that anything will come out of it.
    I hope it helps!

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