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Thread: [Announcement] Statistical Software Award

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    [Announcement] Statistical Software Award

    John M Chambers, or the man behind S, provides this award to grads and undergrads who have created their own statistical software applications.

    Go for it ! And remember that SAS and SPSS and many others all originated as graduate student work!

    John M. Chambers Statistical Software Award – 2011
    Statistical Computing Section
    American Statistical Association
    The Statistical Computing Section of the American Statistical
    Association announces the competition for the John M.  Chambers
    Statistical Software Award. In 1998 the Association for Computing
    Machinery presented its Software System Award to John Chambers for the
    design and development of S. Dr. Chambers generously donated his award
    to the Statistical Computing Section to endow an annual prize for
    statistical software written by an undergraduate or graduate student.
    The prize carries with it a cash award of $1000, plus a substantial
    allowance for travel to the annual Joint Statistical Meetings where
    the award will be presented.
    Teams of up to 3 people can participate in the competition, with the
    cash award being split among team members. The travel allowance will
    be given to just one individual in the team, who will be presented the
    award at JSM.  To be eligible, the team must have designed and
    implemented a piece of statistical software. The individual within
    the team indicated to receive the travel allowance must have begun the
    development while a student, and must either currently be a student,
    or have completed all requirements for her/his last degree after
    January 1, 2009.  To apply for the award, teams must provide the
    following materials:
    Current CV’s of all team members.
    A letter from a faculty mentor at the academic institution of the
    individual indicated to receive the travel award.  The letter
    should confirm that the individual had substantial participation in
    the development of the software, certify her/his student status
    when the software began to be developed (and either the current
    student status or the date of degree completion), and briefly
    discuss the importance of the software to statistical practice.
    A brief, one to two page description of the software, summarizing
    what it does, how it does it, and why it is an important
    contribution.  If the team member competing for the travel
    allowance has continued developing the software after finishing
    her/his studies, the description should indicate what was developed
    when the individual was a student and what has been added since.
    An installable software package with its source code for use by the
    award committee. It should be accompanied by enough information to allow
    the judges to effectively use and evaluate the software (including
    its design considerations.)  This information can be provided in a
    variety of ways, including but not limited to a user manual (paper
    or electronic), a paper, a URL, and online help to the system.
    All materials must be in English.  We prefer that electronic text be
    submitted in Postscript or PDF.  The entries will be judged on a
    variety of dimensions, including the importance and relevance for
    statistical practice of the tasks performed by the software, ease of
    use, clarity of description, elegance and availability for use by the
    statistical community. Preference will be given to those entries that
    are grounded in software design rather than calculation.  The decision
    of the award committee is final.
    All application materials must be received by 5:00pm EST, Monday,
    February 21, 2011 at the address below.  The winner will be announced
    in May and the award will be given at the 2011 Joint Statistical
    Information on the competition can also be accessed on the website of
    the Statistical Computing Section (www.statcomputing.org or see the
    ASA website, www.amstat.org for a pointer), including the names and
    contributions of previous winners.  Inquiries and application
    materials should be emailed or mailed to:
    Chambers Software Award
    c/o Fei Chen
    Avaya Labs
    233 Mt Airy Rd.
    Basking Ridge, NJ 07920
    Past winners:

    more info:

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    Re: [Announcement] Statistical Software Award

    Great!...Thanks, Marco. I will pass this along to the grad students here at my university.

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    Re: [Announcement] Statistical Software Award

    Wow. You could not have posted this at a better time for me. Thank you!!!

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