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Thread: probability of a random sample without replacement

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    probability of a random sample without replacement

    I'm having problems on how to approach the following question:

    Suppose that we have a very large collection of marbles, 30% of which are red, 20% of which are green, 40% of which are blue, and 10% of which are yellow. (All samples in this problem are taken without replacement).
    Suppose we take a random sample of five marbles. What is the probability that more than two of the marbles in the sample are red?

    I have attempted this question using the Hypergeometric random variable equation and using the total population(N) in the formula as X. Is this the correct approach or is there a formula that actually gives me a non-variable answer?

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    Re: probability of a random sample without replacement

    i agree with you, m=30%N and the others we do not care about the color. n=5 and you want P(x>=2).

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