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Thread: seems all too easy

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    Red face seems all too easy

    okay, I have bought my 68 average in stats up to a 76, We are currently studying Confidence Interval stuff and hypothesis testing. The teacher gave us homework 15 questions, I finished them, but I know that 9 are right. The others seemed way to easy to actually be done. Is there a way that I could somehow (without typing each one out and all the work,) that someone could check them. Right now, it just seems odd and too good to be true that I finished so quickly. I'll be more than happy to type each one, but it would be a long message. Let me know, I appreciate all your help.!!!!
    P.S we have a test comiing up, 10 questions 10 pts each. (no forgiveness at all on the points) So I want to make sure that I actually do understand this,

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    Hi Hilary,

    I sent you a private message.

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