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Thread: Was thinking Kendall's Tau but...(correlation)

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    Re: Was thinking Kendall's Tau but...(correlation)

    There are a few other complications in your data besides the many levels of nesting. For one, your DV is wave exposure, where wave exposure is defined as the standard deviation of water level. Needless to say, standard deviations are not going to be normally distributed! And your IV (# of repair cycle rings) are counts, which come with their own issues. The simple solution here would involve various transformations of your variables before proceeding with a linear multilevel model, but to be honest that's not striking my ears as a really satisfactory solution. Probably a better option would be a type of generalized multilevel model (where the expected distributions are explicitly built into your model), and to be honest, I don't have enough experience with those to offer very good advice there (I'm just a humble psychologist!). Perhaps I will consider your data in the near future as an opportunity to properly acquaint myself with those methods (I have been meaning to...) and then offer some advice when I have a better grip on them. Until then you are better off waiting for the advice of someone better informed than I on these issues.

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    Re: Was thinking Kendall's Tau but...(correlation)

    Once again, I have to say thanks, I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out. Its funny that my adviser didn't bring up your points considering he sees himself as a stats nerd. I totally agree with you about non-normal distributions and nesting, which is why I came here. Its way more complicated than I thought when I started this two years ago. So again, thanks for the advice

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