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Thread: Conditional Probability...

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    Conditional Probability...


    I'm working on a problem, and I think I'm doing it correctly, but it doesn't really match what I wrote down in class - so I think maybe I took my notes incorrectly? Can someone please help me and let me know if my solution is correct? Thanks so much!

    Q: Here is the distribution of computer games sold in 2001 by type of game:

    Stragety - 0.254
    Children's - 0.142
    Family - 0.115
    Action - 0.101
    Role Playing - 0.088
    Sports - 0.081
    Other - 0.219

    What is the conditional probability that a computer game is an action game, given that it is not a children's game or a family game?

    I'll attach a file of what I have done so far..... or here is a link to the file online....

    Am I wrong? Am I right? Then the answer is 0.136?

    Thanks so much in advance - from a student who loves psychology...and is struggling with the mandatory math
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    Yes, .136 is the correct answer!

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