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To be honest, the further we go down this rabbit-hole the harder it becomes to keep my thoughts straight and write anything coherent! I think that's a bit of a reflection of the inherent absurdity of these corrections. Perhaps rather than trying to discuss or clarify my thinking on this further I could steer you towards what may be quite a useful article that a supervisor has recommended to me on this topic. It seems to approach the issue from more of a philosophy-of-science viewpoint, which you may find appealing: Rothman (1990) No adjustments are needed for multiple comparisons.
Thank you sooooooooooo much CB.
The article was GREAT (though I could read only the preview and abstract). This might be the reason behind what I see every time I test something (that the P doesn't tend to gain random values or outliers, described in posts #4, #6 and #42). FASCINATING!

A big thanks for kindly summing up all the good info in one good post and reference