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Thread: This is my new favorite forum OFFICIALLY!

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    Talking This is my new favorite forum OFFICIALLY!

    Just wanted to make an announcement in my state of delirium, before I slip into oblivion: I officially LOVE this forum, it is going on my Bookmarks Bar in front of a myriad of other sites (including Facebook). People are always here when I have a question about R and since my last statistics class was mostly just a "here's the code, go copy paste it with different variables" my actual learning never took place and I now find myself in a class that requires extensive use of statistical software and manipulation of the data and parameters to create, and I quote, "pretty plots and graphs."

    I began using XLSTAT because that's what all the grad students said to use and what all of my fellow undergrads are using (we're in a winemaking program so most of us don't come from super computer sciencey backgrounds, although we're all pretty computer savvy). I realized pretty quickly that I wasn't going to be able to manipulate the data easily and effectively unless I did it in R, so I'm now on a quest to learn R through this class by trial and error while hopefully making "pretty reports!" I'm also hoping this skill will serve me for the rest of my life.

    I just finished the first report and, while it's not perfect, I am very happy with how it turned out because of what I learned to do in R and with the help of forum mods and members here!

    So THANK YOU again!


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    Re: This is my new favorite forum OFFICIALLY!

    Glad to have you Rob. As your knowledge grows we look forward to you also providing help to other users in the same way you've been helped.

    May I ask what areas of stats are your focus or you are particularly interested in?

    I found myself in the same boat as a literacy person with R. I knew I had to learn it because it was so awesome but I didn't have a background in computer science either. The people here were awesome in helping (Including that evil robot Dason; watch out for him ) and now I feel I'm pretty proficient. The cool thing is we all have very different perspectives and interests on stats and R so you get a great range of skills and abilities.

    PS we expect to help in sampling from your population distribution
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    Re: This is my new favorite forum OFFICIALLY!

    Welcome to the forum. This is a great place to be if you are looking to learn and share knowledge. R is a great software/skills to learn. Although I have had exposure to R for a long time, I never got around to use it for purpose of real analysis. It is only since last September I have been using R as my bread and butter software, which is about the time I joined this forum. I was just amazed by the level of support I found here for R, and surprise surprise, the forum was in my bookmarks bar in no time.

    I hope you've already checked out our Info thread on R.

    Hope you'll join in different threads and give us your opinions.
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