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Thread: Population vs. Sample Confidence Interval for Mean

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    Population vs. Sample Confidence Interval for Mean

    This has been confusing me for a while. I understand the difference between using data as population or sample but how would the equation for calculating the confidence interval for mean from the data be different and why?

    I did google confidence interval but the confidence interval equation as:
    mean - zscore * standard error and mean + zscore * standard error
    is for calculation when I consider data as a sample.

    What if I consider data is a population? If the equation is different for population then why so? Also, what if I want to consider t-distribution instead of normal, how would the equations and probability be different.

    I know it's a lot of question but it has confused me really bad.


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    Re: Population vs. Sample Confidence Interval for Mean

    If the data are a population, you do not use confidence intervals. The mean is the true population mean. Confidence intervals are only used for sample means.

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