I was wondering if you could provide some guidance with regards to study design and the statistical analysis i should use for a pilot study we hope to implement soon. Or can you guide me to the correct person that may be able to help?

I am wondering:
1. If this is the best study design to answer this research questions?
2. What statistical test should i use to answer this question? that is, use regression analysis to look at the trends in hand hygiene over time?
3. How do I compare the rates of the intervention unit with the control unit? fisher exact test?
4. How do I go about calculating the ideal sample size? 30 audits/week/120 audits per month is what i'm proposing. I'd like to use alpha= 0.05 and power 80%. how do i calculate standard deviation or effect size?

If you need any additional information, please let me know.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Here are some parameters:

Research Question: What is the effect of implementing the bundle of hand hygiene interventions on the hand hygiene compliance rates?

Setting: One unit in a tertiary care hospital.
Intervention: a bundle of interventions (poster, stats board, education etc) to increase hand hygiene compliance
Study design: Interrupted time series analysis with comparison group (control group is another comparable unit in the hospital).
◦a quasi-experimental, longitudinal study with multiple points of observation before and after an intervention
◦Observed HH compliance rate, measured repeatedly before the intervention (T0 to T3) and also after the intervention (T4 to T8)