Hi. I'm studying the effect of hummingbird feeders on the hummingbirds' pollinization function. We counted the amount of birds feeding on artificial feeders, and on the other side, we captured a number of birds and collected the pollen they carried, then categorized it in four levels (0 grains, 1-10, 11-30 and 30+ grains).

Therefore, I want to compare the number of visits by species (4) vs the category and quantity of pollen, and see how their feeding affected the amount of pollen they carried. I thought I could use a block model, using the category as block, but the results are not clear, as it seemed to compare only the pollen categories. So I'm not sure if I should use the block model.

I'm using JMP for the analysis. Any help will be much apreciated.

Many thanks, and sorry for my english.