I am looking for 3 genetic polymorphisms in diseased versus control subjects.

I found cases and I collected some controls. I wanted to check if my sample size is adequate (I know that it should be the first step normally, but anyways).

1 polymorphism has 5 alleles 1/1 is normal, I will look for association with the remaining genotypes. Actually 3-4-and 5 are rare so they usually do chi-square i think.

The remaining 2 polymorphisms are single nucleotide polymorphisms of the same gene in a dichotomous fashion.

the 2 genes above are very close to each other on the same chromosome and there's association to some extent so they looked for logistic regression too in the previous literature.

I tried some online sample size calculators and gpower. percentage exposed among controls which I cannot find and effect size which i don't, prevented me from calculating.