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Thread: Application of Probability in Maintenance

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    Application of Probability in Maintenance

    Good Day to everyone

    Can anyone please help me, i'm a maintenance personnel (machines or engines).

    We had a machine it could have two (2) events, first event is an ALARM-means it would not stop our machine, it just give warning to do something. Second event is we called it TRIP- means these would literary stop our machine, in short its a breakdown (loss).

    I had counted totally our ALARM list it is 173 items and TRIP list is 168.

    How could i present these mathematically- on probabilty? that this ALARM would appear
    frequently, or this TRIP would appear frequently / these particular TRIP item would appear frequently.

    Thank you

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    Re: Application of Probability in Maintenance

    It's not clear to me what you want but it doesn't sound like you have any data? Just a list of possible events?
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    Re: Application of Probability in Maintenance

    Maintenance events are typically modeled using reliability methods. Trips and Alarms can be treated as two different failure modes, and Reliability numbers calculated separately for each. These can be expressed as a probability for survival (or failure) at a defined time.

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