I was calculating Statistical Power. I am not sure about the test in R.

The data is as follows:

Females 1224
Males 1438
OBSERVED cancers(Females) 133
EXPECTED cancers (Females) 136
OBSERVED cancers (MALES) 155
EXPECTED cancers (MALES) 130
all OBSERVED cancers (F+M) 288
all EXPECTED cancers (F+M) 266

Example for Breast cancer in Females, Observed cases = 40 and Expected Cases = 33

I am using Library(pwr) to calculate the statistical power.

pwr.2p.test(h=ES.h(40/1224, 33/1224), n = 1224, sig.level = 0.05,alternative = "two.sided")

Where ES.h is calculating the effect size.

I am getting almost same result with,

power.prop.test(40/1224, 33/1224, n = 1224, sig.level = 0.05,alternative = "two.sided")

What do you suggest?