Hi I'm hoping that one of you may be able to help. I'm currently trying to present some qPCR data (for those not familiar with this it measures the number of PCR cycles it takes for your target to be detected known as the ct value). PCR reactions are exponential so I've the been able to calculate a value of ng target DNA in a mixed community by using a know concentration of my target in the reaction to calibraite ct threshold and concentraition. Because small differences in ct would lead to large differences in error I have repeated each reaction in triplicate to get a measure of varience in ct value.

My experimental design requires that I take a measure of the target DNA concentraion of one 'labelled incubation' and one 'unlabelled incubation (control)', then subtract the value of the control from the label to give an estimate of label uptake. then plot this value over time, and treatment. My question is how do I account for error once this has been done?

I've been able to plot the graphs but I'm not really sure what error bars to add and if there are any statistical tests out there which would test if this has been significantly labelled?!!

Any help given would be greatly appreciated as just saying 'they look different' won't look good in a viva.