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Thread: How to predict the uncertain parameter

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    How to predict the uncertain parameter


    I am trying to predict the value of a parameter(Y) with varying frequency(X2) and X1(stall parameter).

    Y X1 X2

    180889945 81542 3
    23968044 24683 2.667
    46576434 14095 2.33
    5777352 47282 2

    The above is a sample behavior of my system with four frequency values. The frequency value is going to be one of the four in the future iterations and I want to be able to predict the value at each frequency as close as possible.

    If I try a simple linear regression on these values, I am getting an R squared of 0.85 which is pretty inaccurate. Do some other methods exist to improve the accuracy of the prediction?

    Kindly help.
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    Re: How to predict the uncertain parameter

    Why is the Rsq inaccurate and how would you know that?
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