Hello everybody, this is my first post on this site. I'm an italian (so sorry in advance for my english) immunology researcher and i'm currently working on statistical analysis of some data acquired trough 4 years.
I'm not so good in statistics, i can do just basic tests such as t or Mann-Whitney, or Wilcoxon etc.
We have 32 patients that we analyzed for a lot of different variables at 6 different time-points. At all the time points we repeated the same analysis. We plotted those data for each variables on single before-after graph (one for each variables) and we think that some of those "move" the same, meaning that the trends of their variation trough time points looks similar. Moreover, they have same "p-values patterns"; by wich i mean that the p-values (from Wilcoxon tests) are significant for the same couples (example: time2 versus 4, 5 and 6; time3 versus 4 and 5 etc.).
Now we're looking for a way or a test (possibly on SPSS or Prism) that can statistically say what we're seeing, that two variables have the same trend and, if it's possible, if one-variable trend can predict the trend of another variable.

Sorry for the very long explanation but my statistical knowledge doesn't allow me to do it otherwise.

Hope that someone outhere can help me!