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Thread: Heeeelp! Two-way ANOVA (repeated measurments)?

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    Question Heeeelp! Two-way ANOVA (repeated measurments)?

    Dear experts

    I have used blood cells from 3 different persons to do an experiment. I have treated the cells with 8 different treatments with one untreated sample per person. Then I have used 3 different time points to measure the results of each treatment per person. In short:

    Donors: 3 (triplicate)
    Treatment: 8 with 1 untreated / donor
    Time point measurments: 3/ treated and untreated sample and donor

    To make the whole thing more simple I have attached a picture of my Graphpad experiment in this post.

    So I have to compare each treated triplicate with the untreated one and see the difference in time.

    I have been reading about "repeated measurments" with two-way anova but I just get confused in which category my data belongs to. In Graphpad there is "Repeated measure by row" and "Repeated measure by column". and then there is "Repeated measure in both factors" whih does not exist in Graphpad. I think my data should be analysed with either the last mentioned one or just simply by "Repeated measure by column". I'm not sure though...

    I would be very thankful if anyone could help me with this regard!

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