Dear all
I have been looking for ages but I just cant seem to find the appropriate test (in SPSS) for my data...

There are two parts to my research, one is reaction times which are more or less normally distributed and then the second part includes several categorical variables (correct/incorrect answer responses) each which is obviously not normally distributed
Basically I am looking for a non-parametric test which is the equivalent to a mixed measures ANOVA with 2 categorical IVs (gender and 2 age groups) and then 3 categorical DVs with 2 levels, 6 levels and 2 levels respectively, all have 0 or 1 as responses.

I hope this is not too confusing, I am open to the idea of group membership prediction, frequency etc, doesnt have to be group difference analysis. I do need the interaction between IV and DV as well as interaction amongst several categorical DVs though...

Any ideas would be very very much appreciated!

Best wishes,