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Thread: Need help!!

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    Need help!!

    Im doing my research on groeth response of tomato. And i got the average weekly increment in height
    T1-34 cm
    t2- 38 cm
    t3- 43 cm
    t4- 48 cm
    t5- 37 cm
    t0- 25 cm
    . I dont know how to compare the means.. anova and dmrt wont work because no replications...

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    Re: Need help!!

    I have never heard that ANOVA required replication (it is useful, but not required) unless you mean you have a single plant (which does not make sense from your comments). Why won't repeated measure ANOVA work here?
    "Very few theories have been abandoned because they were found to be invalid on the basis of empirical evidence...." Spanos, 1995

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