Hi guys

For work, I've initiated this project. I've gathered data, now I'm gonna do the analysis.
The objective is to find out where we get our revenue for our customers, and what customers generate revenue. For our customers, I have the total revenue for each one, and I also have how much revenue each product they bought from us generate of that total revenue.

For instance:
From company X we got revenue Y. In this example company X we got revenue Y=100 which consists of revenue from the products A=20, B=30, C=0, D=10, E=40, F=0.
(And a discrete variable that is interesting is whether they have installed a special software say G=0 or =1.)

What analysis could I make out of this, I have data for 500 customers? Multiple regression, would that show anything? ANOVA (I've forgot how to use ANOVA)? Logistic regression, like if company has product A, or maybe if G=0 or G=1, what is then probability that revenue is present?

Any help is much appreciated, I'm a little rusty in actually applying my statistics