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Thread: Understanding Multilevel Model

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    Re: Understanding Multilevel Model

    Quote Originally Posted by ted00 View Post
    an approach is to do two analyses, one using the prior of a pessimist, the other using the prior of an optimist
    compromise! i luv the idea!
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    Re: Understanding Multilevel Model

    Quote Originally Posted by spunky View Post
    compromise! i luv the idea!

    yeah, it's hardly mine, remember reading it in a book or a paper, no idea where, but saw it somewhere...
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    Re: Understanding Multilevel Model

    Spunky on centering:

    Quote Originally Posted by Spunky
    i thought that we had gone over this before, but i'll just quote it againf or refernce. from the Enders & Tofighi (2007) where they say CWC = Centering Within Cluster and CGM =
    (a) CWC is appropriate if the Level 1 association between X and Y is of subtantive interest
    (b) CGM is appropriate when one is primarily interested in a Level 2 predictor and wants to control for Level 1 covariates;
    (c) either CGM or CWC can be used to examine the differential influence of a variable at Level 1 and Level 2;
    (d) CWC is preferable for examining cross-level interactions and interactions that involve a pair of Level 1 variables, and CGM is appropriate for interactions between Level 2 variables

    particularly because of reason (d) i find Centering Within Cluster particularly useful. especially if you need to work with interactions like say, i dunno, 'gender' and 'school SocioEconomicStauts' or other level2 contextual effects
    @ trinker. here's the article i took it from. i'm almost sure i sent this refernce to you already. i think it's worthwhile to read it
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